We are an American owned and operated company located 40 miles outside of one of America’s most thriving hubs, the Windy City of Chicago. Whenever possible we source our raw materials from the US as well as our capital investments in new machinery and equipment. For many years, manufacturing in our country has not been perceived as the way of the future, but rather as a relic from our glorious past. Over the last 40 years or so we have seen our manufacturing base in the US slowly disappear and move to foreign locations. Today you cannot buy a television set or radio made in our country, and the list of industries that have disappeared from the domestic scene is steadily increasing.

However, the tides have changed over the past few years and manufacturing is now staging an impressive comeback. This offers both opportunities and challenges and the biggest of them all is related to education. There are plenty of job opportunities in manufacturing, but unfortunately there are too few well educated, well qualified applicants. A job at a factory floor today is vastly different from only 30 years ago. Today the machines do the vast majority of the work and the operators are the overseers of the computers controlling the processes. This, in turn, requires education and training on the job.

We foresee a comeback of the manufacturing for several industries to the US in the near future. This is a good thing for our economy as well as for our country. It is our opinion that if you eat the bread in America, it should also be baked here. By offering internship programs and supporting our local community of Elgin as well as we can, we hope to grow and prosper here in the United States of America.