We know that you put your company’s reputation in every bag of coffee. Roasted coffee is very sensitive to degradation and requires protection against oxygen and moisture to stay fresh. Multifilm offers high barrier film for fractional pack coffee pouches that will keep coffee at its peak flavor.

Coffee is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it wants to absorb moisture from the air. However, added moisture in whole bean or ground coffee will quickly turn the product rancid. Therefore, coffee packaging necessitates a high water barrier. Furthermore, coffee packaging requires a high gas barrier. Staleness in coffee is mostly caused by oxygen getting to the bean. Roasted beans give off carbon dioxide (in a process called degassing) over several weeks, but mostly in the first 24 hours or so. A strong gas barrier will prevent the coffee from further degassing and will also protect the coffee itself. Although certain film substrates will provide decent barriers, both water and gas, the best barrier values come from metallized film.

Traditionally, the main problem with metallized sealant webs is getting the metal to adhere to the film, and as a result, many metallized bags are made of three webs, leaving the sealant web un-metallized. In 2011, Multifilm introduced Hi-E. Hi-E accomplishes what expensive triplex do, but with just two layers. Our Hi-E laminate can easily reduce the amount of material used by 20 percent or more! The result is less material and fewer production steps, therefore lower cost, less material, and ultimately less garbage in our landfills. Hi-E is ideal for the fractional pack coffee market because when laminated to OPP, Hi-E offers reverse printing, superior barrier, and lower price. Finally, independent testing confirmed that Hi-E offers a moisture barrier of less than 0.02 g/100 in2/day and a gas barrier of less than 0.2 cc/100 in2/day.