A few years back, Multifilm introduced a revolutionary new packaging film called Hi-Z (pronounced “high-zee”), which was aimed at replacing expensive metallized triplex materials without sacrificing barrier, optics or performance. Initially developed for the coffee industry, over the years Hi-Z has become very popular for candy, chocolate bars, and granola bars, mainly because the material is so easy to run, according to many machine operators.

The challenge in developing Hi-Z was to create a superior film with a comparable barrier to MET PET/PE or OPP/MET OPP laminates while using less material and without an increase in cost. We created a cast modified polypropylene film with excellent metal adhesion and a thick heat seal layer, which resulted in metallized heatsealable film with excellent hot tack.

Because of the excellent hot tack of the polypropylene and low friction, Hi-Z runs very well on both bag machines and flow wrap machines. Unlike metallized OPP laminates, Hi-Z seals easily through contamination, ensuring tight seals even in the most demanding applications. And when paired with a heat resistant material like PET, the package is less likely to get distorted or melt in the seal areas.

Hi-Z is also an excellent material for reducing the amount of packaging used for metallized bag films. Many metallized bags today are a triplex laminate consisting of PET/MET PET/ PE. A 2 mil or 1.6 mil Hi-Z laminated to a standard 48 ga PET can provide comparable barrier, optics and body feel of a triplex while using around 25 percent less material. This saves both money and the environment by putting less garbage in our landfills.

Hi-Z can be used in a variety of packaging structures and is available in 1.0 and 1.2 mil for flow wraps and bar wraps, and 1.6 and 2.0 mil for bags and stand-up pouches.